18th March, 2016



Since 2005 the Argentinian economist Carlos Melconian, not only has he given us a pragmatic approach to the global economy, but has also deepened in the main Latin American economies and their perspectives.

Now, from his new position as President of the Banco NaciĆ³n, the largest bank in Argentina; he gives us his vision of the Argentina that wants to present President Mauricio Macri, an Argentina inserted in a global economy.

As always there will be a glance of the "tourist wallet indicator" to appreciate how the evolution of the different currencies impact in regional tourism.


A new exclusive study for ASUTIL on consumers of South America. How does the purchasing process works? How and when they seek for information? What is the price sensitivity? Is there a real value added in Duty Free?

It will include an analysis of various tactics within the strategy and of the opportunities to perform on the consumer provided at the "moment of truth". This is the fourth study Mind-Set has done for ASUTIL in different areas such as airports, ferries, and the border. The latest study was presented by the company last year, in 2015, which consisted of a specific research about the Brazilian consumer.


Following the challenge presented last year by Martin Moodie in his presentation "Metamorphosis", Olga San Jacinto, will expose the next steps of technological innovation.

The current director of Google Latin America will also reveal what we could expect, and the impact that it will have on our industry.